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Art Activities

Art Activities

Fall Arts Fun!

  • All back-to-school lists include a ream of paper – and all art lists should, too!
  • Draw with pencils and crayons on dry paper sheets, of course.
  • Draw with pastels on wet paper sheets for creamy colors.
  • Crumple a sheet of paper and use it with a stamp pad for crazy printmaking.
  • Cut strips from one sheet of paper, cut slits in another sheet of paper and try some one-color weaving.
  • Roll lots of sheets of paper into tubes, secure them with tape and build a big construction.
  • Sew running stitches down strips of paper sheets with a needle and yarn and create S-filled jewelry necklaces.
  • Learn more about paper with The Cloudmakers by James Rumford, The Story of Paper by Ying Chang Compestine, The Amazing Paper Book by Paulette Bourgeois.

Art with Ellen 10-week Winter Session begins the week of January 7-11.

Look for your Winter brochure in December!