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Art Activities

Art Activities

Summer Arts Fun!

  • Mosquitoes are Minnesota’s favorite insect, but let’s celebrate others with insect art projects!
  • Collage a caterpillar with paste and paper bits on a 6-cup long section of egg carton.
  • Paint a wet nighttime watercolor, sprinkle salt on the surface and watch the firefly dots appear!
  • Roll out different sized clay coils for an entire family of worms.
  • Create brightly colored beetles with sidewalk chalk on a very wet sidewalk! 
  • Construct an art colony with tape and lots of cardboard tubes and don’t forget to add black marker ants. 
  • You won’t need insect repellent with Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! by Bob Barner, I Love Bugs! by Philemon Sturges, and Come See My Bugs by Roseanne Lanczak Williams.  

Art with Ellen new 8-week Fall Session begins the week of September 23 – 27.

Look for your Fall brochure in August!

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